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Gradually, all pharmacies in Germany are also offering e-prescriptions. The aim is for all pharmacies to be connected by the turn of the year. For people with statutory health insurance, this means an end to unnecessary trips and, at last, more convenience and an overview when managing and redeeming prescriptions.

What is the e-prescription?

The e-prescription replaces the "pink slip" for all prescriptions of pharmacy-only drugs.
It is created by your doctor and stored digitally. To receive and redeem e-prescriptions electronically, people with statutory health insurance need a special e-prescription app - it's called "Das E-Rezept". You can install this app on your smartphone.

How the e-recipe works

- After the examination, your doctor will issue an e-prescription.
- You receive the e-prescription digitally in your e-prescription app or, if you wish, as a printout.
- You can redeem the e-prescription in your app or in paper form on site at the pharmacy.
- Alternatively, you can also redeem your e-prescription digitally with the app and have your medicine delivered to your home.
- When using the app, you also need your electronic health card (eGK) and the associated PIN. 

Advantages of the e-prescription:

- Follow-up prescriptions within the same quarter can be transmitted digitally.
- E-prescriptions can be forwarded directly to the pharmacy, thus avoiding unnecessary trips to the pharmacy.
- The e-prescription is forgery-proof and can only be viewed by you, the issuing practice and an authorized pharmacy.
- With the family function of the e-prescription app, you can manage and redeem the prescriptions of your children or relatives.

If you still need information on the use of eGK and PIN, please feel free to contact us.

E-prescription even without smartphone

If desired, insured persons can also obtain a paper printout with a 2D barcode and with the information on the prescribed drugs at the doctor's office and present it at the pharmacy. 

The e-prescription can thus also be used without a smartphone.

Published on: 26.10.2022 - Last modified on: 08.02.2023


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