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Who can take out family insurance free of charge?

The spouse or civil partner (registered civil partner under the Civil Partnership Act) and the children are covered by family insurance free of charge if the requirements listed below are met.

For this purpose, children also include stepchildren and grandchildren whom the member mainly maintains as well as foster children if the care is not exercised professionally. For your family members who are not yet insured with BKK EWE, we will check whether family insurance is possible.

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Family insurance for spouses

As the spouse of a BKK EWE member, BKK EWE can be chosen, subject to the notice period, if the member previously had his or her own membership in a statutory health insurance fund, for example as an employee, unemployed person or pensioner.

Family insurance for children

Children also include stepchildren and grandchildren whom the member mainly maintains, as well as foster children.

Age limits

  • Children are generally insured free of charge until the age of 18.
  • If children are not gainfully employed, family insurance ends for them when they reach the age of 23.
  • It ends when the child reaches the age of 25 and is in school or vocational training.
  • If the child's schooling or vocational training is interrupted or delayed by the performance of certain voluntary services,
    the insurance continues to apply beyond the age of 25 for the corresponding period.

Without age limit

Children are also insured without age limit if they are unable to support themselves as a result of a physical, mental or psychological disability. The prerequisite is that the disability already existed at a time when family insurance existed.


Children are not covered by non-contributory insurance if only one parent is a member of a statutory health insurance fund, but the other parent and spouse of the member who is related to the children has an income above the compulsory insurance limit and his or her total income is regularly higher than the total income of the member.

Requirements for family insurance

The family members

  • usually stay in Germany
  • are not themselves members of another health or long-term care insurance fund
  • are not exempt from insurance (exception: marginal employment) or are exempt from compulsory insurance
  • are not self-employed on a full-time basis
  • do not have a regular total income* that exceeds € 505.00 (2024) per month. In the case of income from a mini-job, the limit is €538.00.  

* Total income includes, among other things, income from employment or self-employment, from pensions, renting and leasing, and from capital assets. Income-related expenses and depreciation as well as amounts for child-raising periods in the case of pensions are taken into account.

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Become a member when family insurance ends

Spouses and children who were previously insured free of charge can become members of BKK EWE themselves if they become subject to compulsory insurance, e.g. due to:

  • Taking up employment
  • Starting an apprenticeship
  • other regulations on compulsory insurance (e.g. as a student)

In this case, there are usually no notice periods to be taken into account.

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Published on: 08.03.2022 - Last modified on: 02.01.2024


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