Electronic Patient Record (ePA)

The digital storage location for your health data

Do you always know exactly what medications you are taking, what pre-existing conditions you have, what your blood values are or exactly how previous treatments went? Much of this information about your health is kept in the files of our doctors' offices. If we then go to another doctor, important information is not available and examinations have to be repeated. But it is much simpler. As an insured person of BKK EWE, you have the option of using the electronic patient file (ePA), which is free of charge for you, since January 1, 2021. Unnecessary visits to the doctor are now a thing of the past.

What is the ePA?

The ePA is the personal digital repository for your health data. Like a safe for which only you have the key and can decide what information you want to put in it and with whom you want to share it. If, for example, a doctor needs your findings or documents for his examination, he first needs the appropriate key, i.e. an explicit release from you.

Data that can be stored by you in the ePA and shared with providers as needed includes:

  • Diagnoses & Findings
  • X-rays
  • Medication Plans
  • Therapy measures
  • Patient letters
  • Emergency records
  • Vaccination card
  • Dental Bonus Booklet
  • Maternity log

The ePA can be used as an app. You can download the ePA under the name "ePA der BKK EWE" from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. If you want to use a desktop version, you can download it at the link https://epaclient.de download.

What the ePA can do

The ePA makes it easier for you to manage your health data. On a voluntary basis, you can manage them securely throughout your life. You always keep an overview and thus also have your medication plan quickly at hand. By avoiding duplicate examinations, you save time and unnecessary trips. And it also reduces the workload on doctors' offices and hospitals. In addition to your doctors' data, you can also store your own data, such as a diary of blood glucose measurements.

Service description ePA

Application help


  • Important data is quickly available (in an emergency)
  • Duplicate examinations can be avoided
  • Control over your own health data
  • Access from anywhere

Protection of your health data

As a statutory health insurance company, we ensure the best possible protection of your health data. To ensure that only you or people authorized by you have access to your ePA, we will securely identify you once.

Declaration of consent

BKK EWE processes personal data for identification and authentication as part of the initial setup of the electronic patient file. In addition, BKK EWE offers various identification options as part of this process.

A more detailed description of the identification procedure, the so-called IAM, can be found here:

About the identification procedure


The consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time without reason.

Information on the declaration of consent and revocation


Are your access data no longer secret or have you lost your eGK? Then you can block your ePA yourself via this link.

Perform blocking

Do you have any questions?

Vida, our virtual assistant will be happy to help you. Should you still have questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail:

Write an email

Terms of use

The Terms of Use constitute a contract between you and BKK EWE. The terms include provisions on transfer, registration, rights and obligations of both parties and more. You must agree to these conditions in order to use an electronic patient file. A distinction is made between an insured person who wishes to use the ePA as an APP online and an insured person who wishes to use it exclusively offline.

The online user must agree to the terms of use once during the registration process to the APP.

You can also find the current version for reference here:

Terms of use IAM

The offline user must agree to the terms of use once during the registration process to the APP. You can download the corresponding document here:

Document terms of use

Privacy policy

The security of your data is guaranteed at all times, as the strictest data protection requirements for manufacturers and operators apply to the approval and operation of the ePA. The servers on which the data is stored are located in Germany.

We process your personal data only to the extent necessary to provide or use a functional ePA. You can find our detailed privacy policy below. The data protection declaration is supplemented by an information package on the ePA, which we publish here in accordance with Section 343 of the German Social Code, Book V (SGB V).

More about the privacy policy

Accessibility statement

You can find the accessibility statement here:


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