Skin check online

Fast and conscientious clarification for skin problems

We offer a free online skin check from specialists, with feedback within 48 hours.

And so it goes

  1. Using your smartphone, tablet or PC, you select a dermatologist, answer the questions about your skin problem and upload three images of your affected skin area. If anything is unclear, the specialist will contact you.
  2. Regardless of time and place, they receive a specialist assessment, as well as a diagnosis of the skin problem, a therapy recommendation and, if necessary, a private prescription for required prescription drugs within a maximum of 48 hours, usually after just a few hours.
  3. As soon as the so-called e-prescription is also possible for online offers, you will receive such a prescription, the costs of which we will then cover for you, just like previous health insurance prescriptions. If necessary, you will be advised to visit a local doctor's office for further examination.
  4. To prove that you are insured with us, you provide the usual personal information on the OnlineDoctor website and upload a photo of your health card.

Do the skin check

Free of charge

The use of Hautcheck Online is free of charge for you.

Everywhere and anytime

You will receive a specialist assessment within a maximum of 48 hours, usually after just a few hours.

Note on the offer

Excluded from the offer are moles (liver spots). For clarification of moles, we recommend regular skin cancer screening in a doctor's office, so that the whole body is medically examined.

Published on: 05/17/2022 - Last modified on: 02/08/2023


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