New services in the online office

Now also process family and accident questionnaires digitally

With our online office (OGS) and the BKK EWE Service App, we offer you independence and convenience in handling your personal concerns via homepage or as an app on your smartphone and tablet. And we are continuing to expand this service for you - now you can also process family and accident questionnaires digitally.

Family insurance portfolio maintenance

In this way, regular family insurance portfolio maintenance will be transmitted to us via OGS in the future. If you have not yet registered, you will receive a notice by mail that family inventory maintenance must be performed again. The letter will also include your code for enrolling in OGS. If you are already using it, you will receive the notice directly in your message mailbox.

If you do not wish to register at the OGS, we will be happy to send you the questionnaire by mail. In this case, please contact us after receiving the letter by e-mail at or by phone at +49 441 350 28 5108.

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Filling out the accident questionnaires

And if things don't "go so well" and it becomes necessary to answer an accident questionnaire? Even then, if you are already using the online office, you will receive a corresponding note in your message mailbox and the processing will take place digitally. If you are not yet registered, we will continue to send you the accident questionnaire by mail. But even then, you have the option of registering and processing it digitally. This saves you a trip to the mailbox.

The online office can do all this

  • Family insurance portfolio maintenance
  • Overview of the co-insured family members
  • secure message mailbox
  • Sick note online
  • Changes in bank details
  • Address changes

Directly to the online office

  • Membership certificates
  • Uploading the photo for the eGK
  • Ordering a new eGK in case of loss or defect
  • Fill out applications online
  • Filling out accident questionnaires

Would you like to take advantage of all these benefits right now?

"App geht's" - sign up now and reap the benefits. You save time and postage costs while helping to protect the environment.

Registration - step by step

  • You log in on your smartphone via our BKK EWE service app or our homepage.
  • Once you have registered for the first time and entered your insurance number and cell phone number, you will receive your access code by mail within a few days. You will find the insurance number on your insurance card (eGK).
  • Enter the access code received by mail in the log-in area of the web portal.
  • Activation takes place immediately after a secure comparison of your insurance data.

Option 1

Registration via the online office

Use the link listed here and register at the online office.

Register now

Option 2

Registration via the BKK EWE Service App

You log in to the BKK EWE Service app on your smartphone. You can find our app in the Google Play Store and the App Store.


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