Once BKK EWE - always BKK EWE
As a health insurance provider for EWE employees and their families, we offer strong support and exclusive benefits.
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Joining and switching

Once BKK EWE - always BKK EWE

Once you are insured with us, you can generally remain insured with us for life - regardless of temporary contracts or company affiliations. This also applies if you change employers, go on parental leave or retire. So the basic rule is: once BKK EWE - always BKK EWE.

Change health insurance in one step

Simply fill out our online declaration of joining. You do not need to give notice to your previous health insurance company - we will do that for you. 

Alternatively, you can fill out the membership application in the BKK EWE ServiceApp or send it to us by mail or e-mail.

Fill out our online membership application form

Notice period

The notice period of two months to the end of the month for continuous employment applies as before, but you will no longer receive confirmation of termination. You only need to inform your employer informally about the change to BKK EWE.

Commitment period

The commitment period to your health insurance company is 12 months.

Change of health insurance company with new employer

In the event of a change of employer or the commencement of new employment subject to compulsory insurance, you can choose a new health insurance fund up to a maximum of 14 days after commencement of employment, without observing the commitment period. This also applies in the event of a change from one status subject to compulsory insurance to another, for example if compulsory insurance is changed to voluntary insurance when the annual earnings threshold is exceeded at the end of the year.

Electronic membership certificate

Your employer will receive your membership certificate electronically.

Special right of termination

If your health insurance fund levies an additional contribution for the first time or increases the additional contribution, you can exercise the special right of termination until the end of the month for which the additional contribution is levied or increased for the first time.

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Published on: 07.03.2022 - Last modified on: 20.12.2023


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