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As a health insurance provider for EWE employees and their families, we offer strong support and exclusive benefits.
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Members recruit members

Secure your advertising bonus

As a member of BKK EWE, are you impressed by our benefits and service?
Then simply recommend us within the Group or use the coupon as part of your spouse's right to choose.
It's worth it! You will receive an advertising bonus of € 25.00 for recruiting a new member.

And this is how it works

And this is how it works:

We will receive your coupon, signed by you and the new member, no later than 14 days after receipt of the declaration of membership from the new member. You are welcome to send us the coupon via your access to the
online office
or by e-mail to

You will receive your desired promotional bonus within two months of the new member joining.

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  • the person advertising is a member of BKK EWE
  • the recruited person becomes a self-insured member
  • the coupon is submitted together with the new member's application for membership
  • the coupon is signed by the new member and the recruiter

Published on: 07.03.2022 - Last modified on: 07.12.2023


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