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In this section, you as an employer or human resources manager will find a lot of useful and informative information on the topic of social insurance. The information portal for employers offers you a lot of important information on the topic.


You can reach our employer service at:

Phone: +49 441 350 28 5142
Fax: +49 441 350 28 5146
E-mail: julia.heller@bkk-ewe.de

Contribution rate

The individual contribution rate of BKK EWE is currently 0.9%.

The contribution rates from 01.01.2024 are as follows

  • for U1 (illness) 2.1 % with 60 % reimbursement
  • for U2 (maternity protection) 0.4 % with 100 % reimbursement

Bank details

Bank details
IBAN: DE60280501000091704130

Download the current health insurance master data sheet with all other data and the SEPA direct debit mandate here.

Calculation parameters and non-monetary remuneration values

Social insurance calculation values are several values set annually under social insurance law that control social insurance contributions and benefits:

Data transmission

BKK EWE is the collection point for your members' social security contributions. The contribution information is processed in automatic data exchange via Bitmarck Service GmbH.

Lindenallee 6 - 8
45127 Essen
Recipient company number 35382142
E-mail address for data transmission: ag@bitmarck-daten.de

We ask you to provide the following information on the submitted documents:

Statement of contributions

  • Your address
  • Your employer company number (please do not enter the company number of BKK EWE)

Please send the contribution statement so that it is received by BKK EWE in good time (no later than 2 days before the due date).

For the transmission of the contribution statements and notifications, you can use the free programs of sv.net. With the help of these programs, the data can be exchanged quickly and easily via the Internet between the employer and the health insurance companies. This means a significant simplification and reduction of work for the employer and a reduction of paper-based notifications and contribution statements for the health insurance companies.

Submit the contribution statements

Remittance slip

  • Your eight-digit employer company number (please do not enter the company number of BKK EWE)
  • Your employer name
  • Specification of the target month


The contributions are due on the third last banking day of each month. Please note the due dates.

Published on: 22.02.2022 - Last modified on: 12.02.2024


Hotline: 0800 125 53 93
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Fri.: 8.00-14.00

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