Contact point Federal Participation Act

Central contact point (§ 12 SGB IX - Bundesteilhabegesetz)

On 01.01.2018, the law to strengthen the participation and self-determination of people with disabilities and people at risk of disability - the Federal Participation Act (BTHG) - came into force. The BTHG implements the basis created at European level, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in its objectives and design into national law.

Performance specifications

The relevant regulations for the benefits for participation are found in the Social Code IX (SGB IX) and affect, for example, the application process, access to benefits, the rights of the insured and the cooperation between the rehabilitation providers. The beneficiary and his or her individual needs are placed at the center of the actions of all parties involved.

Central point of contact

Our central contact point will be happy to advise and inform you on questions relating to the topic of benefits for participation (rehabilitation) in accordance with SGB IX. You can reach us as follows:

Staulinie 16/17
26122 Oldenburg

Your contact persons

Andreas Zoll (Tel: +49 441 803 5161)
Antje Biermann (Tel: +49 441 803 5166)

Fax: +49 441 803 5196

Supplementary independent participation counseling (EUTB)

The EUTB is an independent counseling center that supports people with disabilities and people at risk of disability in matters of self-determination. Take advantage of the offer and let us inform you about the topic of rehabilitation and participation.

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