Care Support and Relief Act - PUEG

Changes for people in need of care and their relatives

The Care Support and Relief Act (PUEG) aims to strengthen home care. Measures include a five percent increase in care benefits in kind and care allowance from 01.01.2024. The following monthly contributions apply:

Care level Care benefit in kind Care allowance
2 761 euro 332 euros
3 1.432 Euro 573 euros
4 1.778 Euro 765 euro
5 2.200 Euro 947 Euro

As early as 01.01.2024, the subsidy for the care-related portion in nursing homes increased.

Also from 01.01.2024: the total annual benefit amount of up to €3,530 for the (uniform) maximum duration of
8 weeks can be used flexibly for both benefits, provided that the person has not yet reached the age of 25 and has at least care degree 4 or 5. In addition, the six-month pre-care period that currently applies to respite care no longer applies.

Another year later, on Jan. 1, 2025, these and all other benefits will increase by 4.5 percent each. These include, for example, preventive care, day/night care, short-term and full inpatient care, as well as aids and subsidies for improving the home environment.

Published on: 17.07.2023 - Last modified on: 02.01.2024


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