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Digital midwife consultation

With Kinderheldin, we offer our insured members digital midwife advice on everything to do with pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and the child's first year of life. Pregnant women and mothers can chat or call a midwife. Whenever they need it. With this free offer we want to support young families. Give them a bit of security in the exciting time around pregnancy, birth and during the first months with offspring.

Medically sound expert opinion

You will quickly receive a medically sound expert opinion on topics such as diaper butt, baby colic, pregnancy, birth and postpartum, as well as breastfeeding and complementary feeding and other acute or general questions.

Personal contact with an obstetrician, delivery nurse or doctors cannot and should not be replaced by Kinderheldin. However, if necessary, existing care can be effortlessly supplemented by digital counseling.

Participation requirements

The prerequisite for participation is pregnancy as determined by a doctor. Eligibility is valid for up to one year after delivery.

Your advantages

  • Online
  • Location-independent
  • Without appointment
  • Daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., including weekends and holidays

It's that simple

1. request code

You request your voucher code at and receive it by mail.

Request coupon code

2. enter code online

Enter the code on and register.

Enter code

3. get advice

Once registered, simply select phone call or chat and exchange directly with a midwife. No additional app or application needs to be downloaded.

Quality guaranteed

Kinderheldin GmbH guarantees the quality of the telemedical consultation through the selection of the consultants and through an internal quality management. All midwives have a state-approved education and professional experience. To ensure that medically sound advice is provided and the highest scientific standards are maintained, an advisory board of physicians and psychologists strengthens the Kinderheldin team.

Published on: 04/29/2022 - Last modified on: 02/08/2023


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