Your private supplementary insurance

We offer you a cooperation for private supplementary insurances. Among the many private health insurance companies, the choice fell on Barmenia Krankenversicherung a.G. according to quality and cost aspects. The BKK supplementary insurances are offered exclusively to BKK insured persons.

Advantages of the cooperation with ExtraPlus

You too can benefit from the many advantages of this cooperation:

  • for visual aids, dentures, inlays and international protection
  • for naturopathic treatments, additional preventive examinations as well as remedies and aids
  • for hospital, chief physician treatment, etc.
  • for coverage of loss of earnings in the event of prolonged incapacity for work
  • for vacation trips abroad - for BKK members with reimbursement of costs

Your powerful complement

The right preventive care is not a matter of luck! ExtraPlus is the powerful, cost-effective and sensible supplement to your statutory health insurance coverage.

Protect yourself with ExtraPlus

Travel abroad

You want to travel to another country? Depending on the country there are special things to consider!

So that you can start your vacation with a good and safe feeling:
BKK EWE's insurance coverage goes with you on your trip.
First of all, take your health card with you on vacation, because the European Health Insurance Card is shown on the back of your health card. Your health card is generally accepted in the following countries:
All EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland and Serbia. 

For trips to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tunisia or Turkey, you will need a foreign entitlement certificate, which we will be happy to issue to you. Please note that the entitlement certificate issued by us is proof of your statutory health insurance in the Federal Republic of Germany. Before you can claim benefits from the foreign system, you must exchange the entitlement certificate for a valid treatment certificate at the foreign health insurance provider.

When claiming benefits in the aforementioned countries, please ensure that you seek treatment from a practitioner (doctor, dentist, hospital) approved in the respective health insurance system. We cannot reimburse co-payments provided for in the foreign system. You can find additional information here:

German Liaison Office Health Insurance Abroad

Not with all countries there are agreements for mutual assistance, so that you should in any case cover yourself privately with a travel health insurance when traveling to other countries. Also, in the countries mentioned above, we cannot guarantee 100% that the treating doctor or hospital will accept the European Health Insurance Card. Also for this case you should consider a private travel health insurance.

Published on: 26.04.2022 - Last modified on: 22.01.2024


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